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Administrative Law

Administrative Law

We have substantial experience in dealing with all levels of government on issues affecting public and private education institutions from preschools to colleges, as well as students, employers, and employees. We know how to work with government to resolve problems, and we also know how to hold government accountable when it acts arbitrarily and capriciously. Indeed, we are well-versed in the laws and rules that govern administrative agencies, and the regulations that they create and implement. In that regard, we represent clients in their dealings with all levels of administrative agencies, as well as before state and federal courts if those dealings are not resolved fairly and justly.

How we can help

Administrative agencies, whether federal, state or local, make myriad decisions that can dramatically affect you or your entity's rights and responsibilities. For example, the decision by the State Education Department to deny an application to create or expand an existing school for children with disabilities; an audit by the State Comptroller; or a decision to approve or deny a charter school can have a significant impact on hundreds of children and entire communities. We help to prevent these issues. We help to resolve these issues.

Our Process

We are trained and skilled in administrative processes and litigation before administrative agencies and the courts. However, we also focus on preventive risk management and careful long range planning when dealing with any administrative matter. This approach allows our clients to avoid adverse administrative actions and other administrative roadblocks and pitfalls from the outset.

Our Advantage

Unlike most firms, we practice administrative law on a full-time basis; we have extensive experience in every aspect of administrative law. At any point in time, our firm has multiple matters pending before such administrative agencies as the New York State Education Department, New York City Department of Education, United States Department of Education, Office of the New York State Comptroller, United States Department of Labor, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, New York State Division of Human Rights, and New York City Commission on Human Rights. 

Additionally, we have well-developed relationships and contacts with many representatives of these the agencies, and  have earned the respect of many as well. Our reputation and experience often enables us to cut through the red tape that impedes administrative processes, which, in turn, allows us to facilitate administrative matters more quickly and efficiently.