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Employment Counseling

Employers - Labor & Employment Obligations

Litigation is costly and time-consuming; yet, it is often completely preventable. We see our role as working along side our clients, helping them implement a preventive risk management strategy of training, supervision, and documentation in order to ensure that distracting and unnecessary claims and suits are not raised in the first place. This strategy is in stark contrast to many other law firms who take a reactive approach to labor and employment matters, running around putting out fires.

Our Process

We work with our clients to ensure compliance with the myriad regulations that relate to discrimination, accessibility and safety of the workplace, and other requirements imposed on employers by federal and state statutes.

Policy & Practice Review

We conduct a thorough analysis of our clients' employment policies, employee handbooks, and personnel practices and procedures. We work to identify areas of concern that may pose a potential risk or may be vulnerable to potential litigation, and draft or revise documents when necessary. We understand that issues may also arise on very short notice, so we are always available to our clients for quick telephone consultations as well.

Continuing Education

Another part of our preventive risk management strategy is to regularly inform our clients of recent legal developments of interest and suggest methods to apply them to their organization. We also run programs for management and staff designed to increase their awareness of and appreciation for their own responsibilities in this area.

Best Practice

In our clients experience, our preventive approach is not only simpler and less costly than litigation, it also greatly improves the relationship between employers and employees: there is a clear understanding of company policy and procedure, and the active discussion of employment-related concerns surfaces issues that can be quickly resolved before further problems can develop.