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A core component of our Education Law practice is our representation of charter schools.  We have served as general counsel to charter schools since the early beginnings of New York's Charter School Act and, as a result, have a deeper, richer, and more unique understanding than other law firms of the often complex charter school legal and political landscapes.  We have led or supported the community as a whole or individual schools from behind the scenes and on the front lines of virtually every significant issue affecting the charter school movement, and assisted the charter community's advocacy and equity efforts.  Not a day goes by where this law firm is not working with our charter school clients, advocacy groups, and/or stakeholders on issues large and small, whether we are negotiating a charter school renewal agreement with a school's charter entity or a modification to collective bargaining agreement with a school's union; preparing a material revision to a school's charter; working with a school, parent, and school district Committee on Special Education to resolve a special education issue; assisting a school with a student discipline matter; navigating an employment law issue that is new to the charter school setting; helping a school to resolve a compliance issue with its charter entity; or simply helping a school to revise and implement a set of policies and procedures, or conducting a workshop to educate clients on their important legal duties and obligations. We are one of New York's leading charter school law firms and proud of it.