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Student Matters

We represent parents and students in a range of areas, including, but not limited to: bullying; freedom of speech and religion; search and seizure; discrimination; disability rights (e.g., ADA and 504 issues); student discipline generally; private school contract disputes; and student record issues.  And our work spans all levels of education:  preschool, elementary, secondary, and post-secondary.

Unfortunately, while many school systems have the best of intentions and intend to place student's rights and interests first, all too often many school systems do not.  Especially in those instances, parents and students need to level the playing field in order to be taken seriously let alone to be heard at all, and hiring this law firm is one way to do just that.  Our experience in representing students, teachers and administrators, and public and private school boards, teaching student rights at law schools, graduate schools for education, and at conferences for lawyers and stakeholders, and our relationships at various government agencies, makes us not only uniquely qualified to understand the issues, but also best situated to resolve them.